Malta Dive Sites
malta dive sites

Wreck of Tug Boat Rozi
Purpose scuttled wreck laying in sand just off a very pretty reef. Lots of fish life.
Maximum depth 36 meters

Wreck of Patrol Boat P29
Purpose scuttled wreck about 8 minutes 'blue water' swim from the entry point.
Maximum depth 36 meters.

Cirkewwa - Right and Left Arches
A series of wonderful reefs, drop offs and plateaus. Full of life with the dives ending at one of the natural underwater arches cutting through the rock formation.
Maximum depth 25 meters.

Anchor Bay and Scorpion Cave
Very pretty bay, the home of the famous Popeye Village. This dive involves penetrating Scorpion Cave, a large cavern in which it is safe to surface making it suitable for all level of divers.
Maximum depth 12 meters.

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Wreck of Barge X-131
Wreck of a series of barges originally employed during the Gallipoli landings of the first world war. Sunk in a Valletta harbour during the second world war.
Maximum depth 22 meters.

Wreck of Destroyer HMS Maori
Very famous British second world war Tribal class destroyer due to its involvement in the sinking of the German battleship Bismarck during 1941.
Maximum depth 14 meters.

Wreck of MV Odile
Wreck of a large (over 100 meters in length) second world war Italian steam freighter.
Maximum depth 24 meters.

Wreck of Tug Boat St Michael
Purpose scuttled tug boat with a nearby, hull only, second tug boat wreck.
Maximum depth 21 meters. wreck diving malta

Wreck of Oil Tanker Um El Faroud
Purpose scuttled Lybian Oil Tanker. At 110 meters long, more than one dive is recommended to fully explore this fantastic wreck.
Maximum depth 35 meters.

Zurrieq - Reefs, Bell Cave and Gully
A series of lovely reefs to explore or venture into Bell Cave. The gully is sometimes known as the aquarium due to its abundance of life.
Maximum depth 25 meters.

Ghar Lapsi Cave and Reef
The Ghar Lapsi cave is a natural beauty due to the number of places that the natural light floods in. Follow this with exploration along the associated reef for an enjoyable, long shallow dive.
Maximum depth 15 meters.