Malta and Comino Boat Dive Sites
malta boat diving

Malta-L-Ahrax Reef and Collapsed Cave
Fascinating dive. After exploring the reef we finish in a collapsed cave that is open to the skies.
Maximum depth 25 meters.

Malta-Mellieha Cave
Wonderful safe cavern style cave dive to suit all levels of divers.
Maximum depth 18 meters.

Malta-Wreck of MV Imperial Eagle
The Imperial Eagle was originally a ferry operating between Malta and Gozo. An added attraction of this dive is the nearby submerged statue of Christ and a cavern swim through.
Maximum depth 43 meters.

Malta-Wreck of HMS Stubborn P238
Pristine example of a second world war British S class submarine.
Maximum depth 58 meters.

Malta-St Paul's Island
Interesting double reef running side by side forming a channel that can be explored.
Maximum depth 25 meters.

comino boat diving

Malta-Wreck of Bristol Beaufighter
Wreck of a second world war British aircraft.
Maximum depth 38 meters.

Malta-Wreck of Tugboat No 2
Wreck of a recently scuttled tugboat.
Maximum depth 25 meters.

Comino-Lantern Point and Chimney
A lovely dive along a wall with large boulder formations at its base. The highlight of the dive is entering a large cave at 15 meters with a vertical chimney rising up to the plateau at 6 meters.
Maximum depth 40 meters.

Comino-Santa Marija Caves
Fantastic, very open cave system with natural light flooding in and a blow hole that can be surfaced inside halfway through. One of your 'must have' diving experiences .
Maximum depth 18 meters.

Comino-Crystal Lagoon and Tunnel
Starting in the very popular Crystal Lagoon, we swim through the 30 meter 'open' tunnel to the open sea beyond. Very nice shallow relaxed dive.
Maximum depth 18 meters.

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Comino-Wreck of Patrol Boat P-31
Purpose scuttled wreck lying in very photegenic white sand bottom.
Maximum depth 18 meters.

Comino-Alex Cave and Mushroom Rock
Long cavern style tunnel with a chimney at the rear which can be surfaced in. The dive finishes at Mushroom Rock where the boat will be waiting to pick you up.
Maximum depth 18 meters.

Comino-Cominotto/Anchor Reef
With a plateau at 13 meters and its walls dropping off to 35 meters, this dive site has possibilities for all divers. For the more experienced divers there is an old anchor laying at the deepest part of the dive site.
Maximum depth 35 meters.